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Custom Homes



Whole Home Remodels 

     we can work from your own plans or work with an architect to design a home from start to finish. when building a custom home, you can decide almost all the details in your home and you can even work closely with our team to design a floor plan that works for you. this way you can take advantage of the views you wish to create for your dream home. 

At Hayes construction, we strive to offer our services with as little disruption as possible and schedule the job precisely to make sure of no lag time and complete the job as fast as possible. whether you chose to live in the house during remodeling or chose not to, we make it a priority to be conscious of the safety of you and your children and at the end of the day provide a safe and clean space throughout the remodeling period.   

Hayes construction Offers superior service when looking to add on to a home. Whether you are looking for more space in a master bedroom or want to add more rooms and baths. There is no job hayes construction cannot build with your budget and needs in mind.  

When thinking of remodeling your home you will be upgrading the whole home. When reconfiguring your space to work better for your lifestyle without having to relocate. At Hayes Construction Corporation we want to make the old, new with a seamless look where the original structure and new are impossible to discern.  

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