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Custom home and additons, home is where the heart is, let us build your next dream home
Whole house remodel in northern Virginia

Celebrating over 30 years of custom construction and customer satisfaction

Hayes Contruction Corporation information about contacting and small description of company

Bill Hayes, President of Hayes Construction Corporation, has over 38-years experience In Building Industry. Which Includes Commercial and Residential Construction. With over 30 years his experience includes Additions, Home Remodels, Custom Homes, Whole House Additions. Bill Hayes is a recognized builder by the National Association of The Remodeling Industry. Which he has received Fourteen Contractor of the Year Awards (COTY) by the (NARI) metro D.C. Chapter. 2018-2019 (COTY) award winner.

“Good people, reliable and they are strong members of NARI Metro consumer should work with anyone BUT a NARI member like Hayes Construction.”Angela Hubbard from NARI Metro DC Chapter




    Alexander Hay

    Relationship: Client

    Project Date: November 2018


    Hayes construction is run by a work class contractor, Bill. We met Bill through a friend that had an incredible experience. Some of the reasons why he was recommended included his high-quality construction, no-bs mentality around timing and costs, relentlessness in pursuit of making the home-owner happy, and his fixation on doing things right.

    After working with Bill now for about 6 months, I can happily say that he and his company, Hayes Construction, are world class.

    Bill and his team totally transformed our house into a dream home. We have a 1910 era 4-bedroom 2800 sq. ft. house that was redone in the late 1990s. There were a lot of issues - from previous home owner decisions that were straight odd, to serious plumbing, electrical and outdoor work. Garage had black mold, yard had wasp and rat infestations, floors had water damage, walls were all different colors, and water/heat was touch and go.

    Bill did it all with a level of care that would make you think he was renovating his own place. 

    There's a lot that I could say about how great the experience was, but what impressed me most was his depth of experience. To highlight this, I can share some examples. Bill had an entire 900 foot moldy garage completed demo'd. At the same time, he built custom framing for the front entrance, installed high quality windows, and re-did dozens of electrical fixtures to install new lights, fans, dimmers and high tech cameras. He also did a world class job on bread and butter work like new plumbing, sanding and refinishing floors, and painting the house top to bottom.

    Bill's team that supported him almost became family to us over the time they worked at our house. They were always polite, timely, efficient and - of course, most important - did some of the best craftsman work that you can find.

    Bill is an extraordinary contractor and has created a company that I would recommend to anyone looking to build or renovate their home. I cannot recommend him enough.

    Building Process

               When looking to build a new home or remodeling an existing one. We take pride in making the process a    smooth transition and pain-free. we work with you on your budget and work hard to dedicate ourselves to cater to your needs and help accomplish your goals for your dream home. 

    The first step is working with an architect.
    you can choose your architect or

    If you do not have one. We can provide an architect.

    We can also help you with a design.  along with determining the design, you need to narrow down your ideal budget. then the next step after, the design phase and budgeting. is pricing and estimate planning which we will provide a detailed estimate, then the final contract for your review.
    Lastly is permitting and construction 

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