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      Residential PV system installation in Middletown, VA

      H.C.C. & Mid-Atlantic Solar Solutions completed this 14.56kW ground mount system in December 2017.  They chose Chilicon Power’s microinverter technology to deliver smart optimization, ground fault protection, and reliability to these Shenandoah Valley homeowners. The 25-year warranty and ease of remote monitoring also made Chilicon an easy choice for this system.

       Paired with the Chilicon microinverters were (52) SolarWorld monocrystalline black-on-black Sunmodules, also backed by a 25-year warranty. The panels were mounted on an IronRidge ground mount racking system, providing heavy-duty support and a clean look for the system.

       The 30% Federal ITC credit and net metering allowed the homeowners to maximize their investment, and the Chilicon microinverters were installed with the possibility of future AC coupling with battery backup. The homeowner has now achieved a net zero home and is able to sell the excess power back to their power provider until they decide to expand into storage on this customized system.

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